Monday, June 29, 2009

Making a lot from a little.

This is Daniel, blogging from a little cafe on Telegraph Avenue. Romeo and Juliet ended over a week ago, and since then, we production interns have had plenty of free time to relax away from the Bruns. A project we've been working on together has been the Five-Week Conservatory production. I'm designing the lights, Lyrica is the master electrician, Jonathan is the sound designer/engineer, Edgar is the props master, and Julie and Erik are designing, building, and painting the set.

It's a fun process, despite our limited resources. The theater at the school is beautiful but, ah, a little outdated. With some hard work, improvisation, and a lot of extension cords and gaff tape, Lyrica and I were able to get the lights up and running. It'll be a two-person job to keep all of the dimmers, switches, and levers involved moving during the show, but I'm looking forward to it already.

The house of our theater, at Holy Names High School.

Cal Shakes Master Electrician Heather consulting with us on the lights.

You read it right—the dimmers were installed May 25, 1931. And they still work!

Old-fashioned glass fuses burn out easily but are cheap to replace.

This is Ellie, the Assistant Master Electrician's dog. She's adorable.

Other goings-on have included the San Francisco Gay Pride parade, which was even bigger and crazier than Bay-to-Breakers, and preparation for Private Lives, the next Main Stage show, and regular PIP intern training sessions. See ya next time!