Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Cal Shakes Scramble

Glenn Carroll, Development intern extraordinaire, returns to the blogosphere.

I ask you, what better way can one start the new year than with AN INTERN BLOG? The Cal Shakes Scramble (not a McDonald’s breakfast option), as I’ve come to call my day-to-day existence, varies from researching local wineries to improving our filing integrity to trying every single bit of holiday candy goodness that comes in this office. In fact, I’ve never come so close to contracting diabetes as during the last three weeks of 2010, when everyone decided that the printer table at the end of the hall was the perfect place to put any delectable homemade confectionary delight.

Not having spent much time in offices during the holiday season, I never quite understood why every adult always lamented the increase in office junk food during this time. I mean, a different type of baked good every day? I would be the last to complain.

Unfortunately for my cholesterol and waistline, I spend a lot of time at that particular printer. And once the cookies started pouring in, I decided my time spent there should really increase. An envelope for the printer, a piece of fudge for me. Some letterhead for the printer, two gingerbread cookies for me. The day someone brought in truffles held a clear-cut victory for Glenn Carroll over the truffle-people in a very short amount of time. You can see where this is going.

After quite a canker sore, I begin this new year with plans to eat less processed sugar, and write more blogs. Hopefully the blogs will deal more with what I actually learn and work at here than what I eat, but I make no promises. Good luck to everyone else keeping their resolutions!