Friday, May 9, 2008

Tis the Season!

Oh Hello there...

Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged, it's been really busy around here. The good thing though is that it's a really good busy. It's like that holiday buzz because the season has started!
Two weeks ago when I drove up to the Cal Shakes parking lot I was so happy to not find a parking lot because it made me remember that Pericles had started rehearsal which meant officially that THE SEASON HAD STARTED!!! (But let's not lie, I knew this day was coming thanks to the fact that I made one of these for my room.) It's not that the off-season at Cal Shakes isn't fun, it's just that there's a certain hustle and bustle of the Season that really brings Heinz alive.

Anyways, I started off April 25th (seems like a year ago) with a lot of fun stuff to do. New Works/New Communities had a big meeting in Jon's office which made it totes official. We discussed follow up procedures and discussing the upcoming events that we do during the season. Last season we did a program called Love Test where non-profit youth organizations from Oakland and San Francisco were given an teaching artist residency who helped them write their own version of King Lear. Then, they went into rehearsal with professional actors from our 2007 production of King Lear who acted out their scripts in a performance prior to a special matinee performance of the show.

Now this week I'm doing some organizational stuff to help get New Works set up for this season as well as basking in the seasonal spirit of Heinz.

Oh something else I wanted to mention was that I work at this little restaraunt/cafe in Danville and I was talking to this couple that I was serving and we were talking about theatre and how her daughter was a theatre student in college and how I am too. Then about 20 minutes into the conversation we all three realized that we knew eachother because their daughter was an intern with me last summer! Britt Lauer and I go way back to Dublin Theatre Company improv classes so it was really fun to see her parents again. But also, I was stunned because Britt's mom told me she read the intern blog! And on top of that, UNDERSTOOD one of my musical theatre references and emailed it to Britt. Astounding. I also thought that was really cool because I always picture just some Cal Shakes employees occasionally reading this and not anyone else. So shout out to Mr.&Mrs. Lauer! Thanks for reading!

In other news...

I'm attending San Diego State University in the fall which is really exciting. Doin the college thing with dorms and everything! But more importantly...


This is Reg Rogers in The Injured Party at South Coast Reperatory in Costa Mesa, CA. Reg was Richard in Richard III last season and one of my favorite things about working in a theatre company is seeing what actors do next or just seeing them play other characters. It looks like he's fantastic in this.

I think that's it!

Peace and Love,