Friday, October 22, 2010

Introducing Glenn, 2010/2011 Development Intern

The Bay Area is new to me. Originally from L.A., I moved up at the beginning of September for a part-time, unpaid internship in the Cal Shakes development department, a.k.a. my post-graduation opportunity, which is what I tell my employed friends. While this move may seem bold to some, I could tell from my first phone interview that Cal Shakes was the type of supportive, positive work environment that I had been craving.

Of course, Id never seen one of their plays.

So clearly my number-one agenda item upon arrival was to see Much Ado About Nothing, the last show of the 2010 season. It would be very difficult asking people for money, garnering support for the company, and doing my daily work if I had never actually seen what I was supposed to be in full support of. I mean, theres really only so far my BSing will get me.

Which is why I found myself one warm Friday evening at 7:59pmhaving just parked my car between a rock, a hard place, and two very large minivansrunning up what seemed to be the Mt. Everest of hills. Having stood in line at Zacharys for 45 minutes, I was now in possession of a deep dish pizza so heavy it acted as a dumbbell for my friend Mary and I as we raced up the hill. Actually, as I discovered the next morning with aching muscles, we created a very effective exercise system for ourselves, namely running up steep asphalt drives while holding 10-pound pizzas at a 90-degree angle to your body while laughing so hard you almost pee your pants; it works your thighs, shoulders, biceps, and abs, respectively. Of course, the pizza soon countered all calories burned.

I should certainly know better than this. Being a theater person myself, Ive always thought it rude to arrive late to a show and that you really ought to be in your seats 10 minutes before curtain. Really, people. Its not asking much.

But of course it was asking a bit much for me that evening. Finally, out of breath, sweaty, and starving, we raced through to the entrance. Weve got the last two audience members rushing on their way right now, I overheard on a house staff walkie-talkie. Great. They were holding the house for us. I was certainly making a poor first impression as the new development intern. We scrambled over other patrons to finally sit down in our seats with our pizza/dumbbell. Which is when I discovered we didnt have forks, knives, or napkins. Plus, no one around us was eating. Does this mean everyone has already eaten? Or even worse, are you not supposed to eat in the theater? Obviously I know this for your typical, indoor house, but I thought the whole Bruns idea was picnicking under the stars while watching a show. I mean, this isnt some candy either. We have an entire box of pizza on our laps. That we now have to eat with our fingers.

At this point, if were keeping tally, I have lost five points for being late, one point for each person I crawled over to get to my seat (three points total), 10 points for bringing a pizza into the theater, and four points for eating deep-dish pizza with my fingers. Subtract an extra two for being sweaty. That makes a grand -25 for Glenn Carroll, struggling Cal Shakes superstar.

But hey, there I was! I scrapped by and made it, and, as the opening music began and onstage revelry opened the scene, I soon forgot my last hour of misfortunes and fell into the wonderful world we had created. I happen to love Shakespeare, which means I absolutely-completely-and-utterly loathe poorly done Shakespearean productions. Other shows can be bad, but when Shakespeare is bad, its really awful.

Which is why I was so utterly delighted with Much Ado. The production was just deliciouswitty, energetic, and entertaining as all get out. Not only that, but Marymy cohort that evening, who does not especially like theaterwas giggling more than I was! And what a relief, knowing that, of course, I will be able to fully and completely endorse Cal Shakes during my time here because this production was wonderful! What a commendable organization to be a part of, with their combination of fine theater, relaxed atmosphere, and the outdoors. Im officially a fan. (No, really, check Facebook).

Since then, my experience working in the office has continued to increase my esteem for Cal Shakes and what we do here. I cant wait to continue updating everyone on my exciting (and probably hilarious) adventures here this year! Until next time.