Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ooooh Student Matinees...

I shall miss you so :( I really did enjoy myself today at our last Student Discovery Matinee, although I'd have to say that many of the kids were far less well behaved than the past groups we had and made some pretty obnoxious shout-outs during the show. Worse off, during the last half of the play I felt a small rock just miss my face & heard a rascal mutter "awww, you missed!" Ha ha... I'd like to think it wasn't for me. It was also pretty cold on this 10th day of June! (Not what I'm used to for summer time.) But like I said...I really had myself a good time! Listening to a fellow intern's lovely songs about her soda sales... and I really had a great group AGAIN! Big props to Unity High (pictured with me at right) for being so awesome & well behaved!

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