Monday, May 10, 2010

There's talk of gold

Last post June 29, 2009?! We must amend this!

Dallas, here...again, back for round two at Cal Shakes! This time I'm not a hybrid, but a full-blooded Stage Management intern! My job: make John Steinbeck's The Pastures of Heaven work - along with the other ladies of stage management, Briana (SM) and Katie (ASM).

Rehearsals began Thursday following a read-through and company gathering Wednesday with designers, management, dramaturgy, all eleven actors, director Jonathan Moscone and even the playwright Octavio Solis (who has adapted the script from John Steinbeck's novel of interconnected stories). It was straight to work, on the feet and on the same set that will be used in the actual show completely put together in the rehearsal hall. And let me tell you, it's BIG. Gigantic. Practically an entire house, all designed by Annie Smart. Jonathan has them doing amazing things already, including each playing multiple characters and a couple surprises that are too good to give away! Complete with an original score and choreography, let's just say this world premiere is bound to be one of the greatest shows Cal Shakes has ever produced, so you don't want to miss it!

On another note, the new interns arrive in one week! It will be exciting to have more interns around, and in our new home at the Bruns! So if you see any new faces around in the next few weeks, be sure to welcome them to the family!

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