Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our lovely trip to the A.C.T. warehouse, and more...

Emily again. This week (the week of June 15th) I mostly worked on props with Edgar and Daniel during the mornings. One day we got to go to the A.C.T. (American Conservatory Theater) Warehouse in San Francisco with Props Manager Caela (who, by the way, we discovered is an expert suburban parker).

The Warehouse was fabulous, huge, and full of wonderful things! I got some fun

They were much happier than they look!

Wow! So big.

This week I also did a lot of data entry. Gotta love them evals!

Dan, Edgar, and I painted some chairs:

And we had a training day in San Francisco. Here's all of us on BART:

Next Up... camp! I can't wait!!

Emily Sobolew

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