Sunday, June 7, 2009

Emily's First ever and long, blog!

I have to say that my first week at Cal Shakes has been both exciting AND inspiring! Both, you say? Ah but yes, and I'm looking forward to more. Oooof course there are those long office hours labeling, seeing Excel in my sleep... but honestly, I've gotten to hang with some amazing people during those times, AND I actually do enjoy learning how to use these new programs and being a part of the operations of the fabulous theater company they call Cal Shakes. In admin the other day I got to organize the donation tickets that are given out, which was really nice because I called some schools that had requested donations to let them know that we are still planning on sending them out, and they were so excited... made me feel all gooey and warm inside. I would also like to mention that I would have hoped to blog a bit sooner than this, but had been working a pretty heinous work schedule along with my internship. I am still working during this internship, but have switched to night hours (makes a HUGE difference). I thought it'd be too intense to work at the same time, though I have no choice. However, I find that when I am here I'm having a pretty amazing time... and I even get a sec to relax here and there, so I think I'll be able to pull it off.

Now, a special happy color for the special experience that they call the
Student Discovery Matinee. Last Thursday (yes, this is long overdue) I was assigned to Joaquin Moraga (middle schoolers) and in, all honesty, I was a tad worried about it. I didn't have such a great time in junior high and I know kids can be pretty awful to deal with at that age. So I wasn't expecting angels. But I was very pleasantly surprised. They were so cute! They listened to me, I didn't see any dirty looks or eye rolling, and they even had conversations with me! I went around and met each table, asked them about themselves and/or told 'em about me. By the end of the day they yelled "We love you Emily"! Eeeee! I was a bit verclempt. And to get to watch a Romeo and Juliet performance again was so great. I've seen it quite a few times now, but I haven't really got tired if it yet. It inspires me, I think it's a totally amazing representation of the play, and the actors are really talentedIt inspires me and reminds me that this always has been the only thing for me, and I want to be up there on that stage!

Also within this week, I worked at a Tasting Night (ate SOOOO many peaches courtesy of Farm Fresh to you... mmmmmm) and attended an evening performance w/ comp tickets for me and my hubby!

I'm thrilled to have this opportunity and to be a part of Cal Shakes, and so far I love you all. I look forward to the rest of the summer and what there is to come.

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