Friday, February 22, 2008

What's that smell?

Hey, long time no blog.

This morning when I stepped out of my car into the Cal Shakes parking lot, I smelt something most foul. I couldn't really figure out what it was, but it was something. I walked into the bullpen and simply said "Why does it smell like poop outside?" Of course, at ten in the morning this made for some GREAT conversation. But yes, the Cal Shakes office has been smelling chicken manuer all day due to some updated landcape. Good for the flowers, bad for the appetite.

Enough of the doodie, let's get to last weekend which is when I went on a road trip to Salinas* with Jessica and Tara from New Works/New Communitites! We were going so we could do some field research about John Steinbeck, migrant farm workers, agricultural history and The Pastures of Heaven. It was great fun and we met some incredible people with lots to say and share with us.

We did a lot, so rather than writing about all of it, I'm going to give you some highlights:
1.) The Steinbeck House: where John Steinbeck grew up in his childhood but has now been turned into a lunch restaurant. The restaurant has been designed, decorated, and kept up by all donated services. The only service that is being paid for is the Chef’s work and the book keeper’s services. I found this to be really incredible because it's a community working together, giving up their free time and energy to restore something so important. The house is ran by volunteers of the Valley Guild who will invite you to take a look around and tell you all about the house’s history and answer any questions you might have. The food was delicious and served by such nice ladies. I must admit that I felt a little out of place because the atmosphere is very Ladies Who Lunch.**
2.) The Farm offices with Chris Bunn: The Farm is an agricultural education center and produce business located just outside of Salinas. Chris is the owner of The Farm with the assistance of his son Christopher. He showed us a book of compiled photos from The Farm taken in the 1930’s and 1940’s which revealed so many interesting aspects of historical agriculture. He's a great contact for this project and has been a great resource for the information that we need.
3.) HULLABALOO!: Hullabaloo was a restaraunt that we went to for dinner in downtown Salinas. The menu was a little decieving because it looked like an all american food place with just regular food which was offsetting for it's fancy ambience. Anyways, it ended up being fantastic food with great, original flavors.
4.) The Steinbeck Center: We toured through the exhibits and became much more aware about John Steinbeck’s life and how he lived it. It was an incredible fusion of the way his life reflected his writing and gave us a great look into his passion for writing. Another main exhibit at The Steinbeck Center was the Agricultural life museum which gave a great look into the history of “Ag” in the Monterey Bay County.
5.) Corral De Tierra: This had to be my favorite part of the trip. We just drove through the hills and had to stop a few times because it was absolutely breath taking. I've always loved California and have always had a huge obsession with it's beauty, but the Corral really rejuvinated my love for our Golden State. "Where ocean meets land."
Here are some pictures from the trip:

The Steinbeck House and Tara. Hi Tara!

Road on Corral De Tierra.

Castle Rock.... soooo pretty.

Now it's time for.....

go there, people.
1.) The music
2.) The Costume
3.) The artistic piano pantomime.
4.) The transition from pantomime to dance.
5.) Is this video taken in an office building?

(I know, I ditched WordoftheWeek, but this is WAY more important and interesting.)
Ramine will get into the final three and Christian will win the overall price. Why? Cause he's fierce.

That's all for this week!

Peace and Love,

*Fun fact about Salinas: Salinas produces 80 % of the nation's lettuce! WOW!
**Who saw The 2006 Broadway revival of Company on PBS Wedensday night? SO GOOD. Why didn't Raul Esparza win the Tony for that?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

OMG! Liz Taylor?!

Good Morning, Berkeley!

I was going to say Baltimore and make a musical theatre reference, but I decided against it, for once. So again, I'm blogging from home because the internet and phones were down for most of the day yesterday, just like last friday. If the same thing happens next friday, I say we officially name Fridays "Slack Off Fridays." Sort of like "Casual Fridays" but less awkward and more fun.

So what did I do yesterday? Oh! First I did the morning hello to the bull pen. That was fun because I like conversing with Paul and Beth about musical theatre, television and stuff. They both have a really great way of expressing what they liked and didn't like about it all, it's quite fun. We discussed Bare: A Pop Opera (I think the ":" make it look overly official), Cashmere Mafia (great television, people), and the play The Laramie Project.
Then I went up to artistic and had a little mini-meeting/chit chat about New Works and the upcoming trips and such. After that I devoted the whole day to a project which can only be described as tedious.

Over the past seven years the Casting Filing Cabinet has become the home of 2340327948230943204 unorganized headshots and resumes. The clear, bold lables might trick you into thinking that Martha Stewart* herself organized it, but oh no... if you look closer you just might find a local male non-equity actor qualified for understudy work named John Smith in the female, equity, out of town A-E file. It's quite disheartening. So for six hours I went through that monster and proudly finished by the end of the day.

OH! I found out what I can do to make my blog original...

Vampire: Any person, thought or feeling that stands between you and your creative self expression.
Kill those vampires, people [tos].


Just watch this, and we'll compare notes next week.

Peace and Love,


*Martha Stewart has been running the gamut for ages, kids and had the biggest comeback since carbohydrates. Kudos to you Martha, Kudos.

Friday, February 1, 2008

What It Do

Or should I say what does it do? :) Me, I sit and wait to scan the beautifuls into the computerdora. Headshots are awsome because they're like silent slides or comic books with no words.

Its chilli outside..being that it's winter... and getting here was slow but i look forward to the day ahead...coming here is always a cheer, something's always going on, so personal life takes a backseat. No time for morning time blues when there are actors to be taken care of:) being an intern at Cal Shakes is kinda like being a blood cell. The blood cell carries nutrients and fluid throughout the body to assure the body remains functioning normally. Instead of nutrients we carry clip boards and papers and instead of bodily fluids we carry water and donuts. But seriously team work's the dream work and we're the dream team. GO INTERNS!!!!!