Monday, May 17, 2010

"You don't eat chicken? What's wrong with you? Everyone likes chicken!"

The title today comes from John Steinbeck's The Pastures of Heaven, the upcoming show for the season at Cal Shakes as well as the first show in the new home at the Bruns! Very exciting stuff. Also exciting is the new PIPS - interns, if you will - who were oriented today (I'm going to go ahead and guess that word is right since Blogger didn't underline it in red)! They are a cool bunch and it's going to be great having more people around, especially since this season is really taking off! Rehearsals have been long and exhausting, but really fun and full of creativity. The rehearsal hall has been bustling and loud these past couple weeks. This show is truly one of a kind thanks to Octavio Solis, our playwright and complete genius. I'm so lucky and thankful to get to work with all the wonderful people of this production and I am counting down the days until there is an audience that gets to feel the same joy I feel every day in rehearsal. There have been moments, just at the first go of a scene, where actors are amazed at what they see. Richard, who plays Richard Whiteside and Jimmie Munroe (among others), leaned in the other day and whispered how jealous he was of the audience, who gets to experience a particular scene (I won't give away which one) without any preconceived notions of what they are about to see. I agreed - it is so rare that I sit in rehearsal and am jealous of the people who will watch something totally unaffected by the process of developing it and just simply experience the emotions. This is one of those plays. Opening night is going to be an emotional and magical night at the Bruns, and it is only 16 days away, so get your tickets now!

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