Saturday, July 24, 2010

When the hurly-burly's done

"Agatha Christie, I love blood!" - Joel Sass, Director

That's how the first day began, and with the first week of rehearsals for "Macbeth" (or "Forever Plaid", as Lady M Stacy Ross calls it) nearly behind us, he hasn't let us down. Joel has worked hard with Dramaturg Philippa Kelly and Text Coach Lynne Soffer to make a contemporary and relatable adaptation of Shakepeare's supposedly cursed play, while maintaining the integrity of the original. It's recognizable yet new, and so is the staging. Along with the designers, Joel and the actors are creating a world that is so much like ours, but hard to place; very realistic, but somehow dreamlike; modern and classic. Most importantly, he's worked hard with Mr. and Mrs., Jud Williford and Stacy Ross, to create a couple that everyone knows and relates to, yet sinks to the darkest depths of ambition - all while somehow keeping those viewing from being able to choose a side. How can you relate to a serial killer? Because perhaps despite never having committed murder, everyone's let their ambition get the better of them at some time or other, and then felt the pain of guilt later. But enough about the serious stuff, let's talk blood! There's plenty of it in this production (remember last season's "Romeo & Juliet"? - go bigger). And it's not just gore for the sake of shock and awe, it's creative gore. Artistic blood. Take what you think about when you think of "Macbeth" - witches, cauldrons and sword fights - and toss them out the window. This show will surprise and frighten you, especially when you realize how meaningful Shakespeare's words still are in this modern age. It's safe to say you won't be disappointed.

-Dallas Kane, Stage Management Intern

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