Friday, April 4, 2008

Blog for Blogs Sake

That's right, y'all. I don't have much to talk about so I'm really just posting a blog for the sake of posting a blog. I was out of the office last week due to a necessary mental health day* and because it was just so darn sunny outside.

Today I haven't done too much either though. I'm sort of just working on writing cover letters to some San Diego theatres and formulating my resume. It's actually really great because I'm using a lot of the resources given to me last summer during the Resume Workshop for interns. I know that sounds like a blatant plug for reasons as to why you should apply, but it's true. I saved all of the notes and information and have been using a lot of it for applying for part time jobs for when I move down to San Diego. It's also been really nice because Daunielle Rasmussen (Intern Shepherd) has been helping me figure out how to present it all. Usually I wouldn't have any problems but since I've done so many different jobs at Cal Shakes I don't know how to explain that and where to do so.

Enough of the boring stuff- let's move on to more important topics like...

-I know this has absolutely nothing to do with Cal Shakes and/or my internship whatsoever, but you have NO idea how excited I am for this. Check it out!

Something else on today's blog itinerary: The Cal Shakes Bullpen Blog has moved! Sort of in the way that Lucky's got married to Albertson's and changed their name to Albertson's. Then just recently changed their name back to Lucky's, which I guess means they got a divorce... But either way it's really exciting. has all the wonder of Stefanie Kalem's blog but with the addition of actor blogs and blogs from Word for Word members!

Let's move on to ...


I'm pretty sure I've posted Stairway to Stardom videos on here before, but this is my new favorite**. S2S was a 1980's public access television talent show. If that doesn't spell fun...

Things to Note:
1.) She wrote and composed the song herself.
2.) I'm pretty sure she made that outfit too.
3.) The vocal riffs on "Tease-a-Louise"
4.) Fierce facial expressions

Well blog children that seems to be it for the week. Next week I'll be in San Diego and then maybe the week after that I'll post the BLOG OFF with Stefanie Kaylime. What is Kaylime? is it a flavor? KEYLIME. A pie. That's right. And a great one at that, even though I'm not much for meringue.

Peace and Love,


*Who sleeps on books? Ever heard of a pillow? duh....
**Besides Melissa Ann Ledwon and Precious Taft.

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