Friday, February 1, 2008

What It Do

Or should I say what does it do? :) Me, I sit and wait to scan the beautifuls into the computerdora. Headshots are awsome because they're like silent slides or comic books with no words.

Its chilli outside..being that it's winter... and getting here was slow but i look forward to the day ahead...coming here is always a cheer, something's always going on, so personal life takes a backseat. No time for morning time blues when there are actors to be taken care of:) being an intern at Cal Shakes is kinda like being a blood cell. The blood cell carries nutrients and fluid throughout the body to assure the body remains functioning normally. Instead of nutrients we carry clip boards and papers and instead of bodily fluids we carry water and donuts. But seriously team work's the dream work and we're the dream team. GO INTERNS!!!!!

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