Saturday, February 2, 2008

OMG! Liz Taylor?!

Good Morning, Berkeley!

I was going to say Baltimore and make a musical theatre reference, but I decided against it, for once. So again, I'm blogging from home because the internet and phones were down for most of the day yesterday, just like last friday. If the same thing happens next friday, I say we officially name Fridays "Slack Off Fridays." Sort of like "Casual Fridays" but less awkward and more fun.

So what did I do yesterday? Oh! First I did the morning hello to the bull pen. That was fun because I like conversing with Paul and Beth about musical theatre, television and stuff. They both have a really great way of expressing what they liked and didn't like about it all, it's quite fun. We discussed Bare: A Pop Opera (I think the ":" make it look overly official), Cashmere Mafia (great television, people), and the play The Laramie Project.
Then I went up to artistic and had a little mini-meeting/chit chat about New Works and the upcoming trips and such. After that I devoted the whole day to a project which can only be described as tedious.

Over the past seven years the Casting Filing Cabinet has become the home of 2340327948230943204 unorganized headshots and resumes. The clear, bold lables might trick you into thinking that Martha Stewart* herself organized it, but oh no... if you look closer you just might find a local male non-equity actor qualified for understudy work named John Smith in the female, equity, out of town A-E file. It's quite disheartening. So for six hours I went through that monster and proudly finished by the end of the day.

OH! I found out what I can do to make my blog original...

Vampire: Any person, thought or feeling that stands between you and your creative self expression.
Kill those vampires, people [tos].


Just watch this, and we'll compare notes next week.

Peace and Love,


*Martha Stewart has been running the gamut for ages, kids and had the biggest comeback since carbohydrates. Kudos to you Martha, Kudos.

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