Friday, January 11, 2008


Hello Web World! Whats the dizneal? Para me--Welcoming the new year and trying to keep warm! Lets see.... First i can say that our intern production of Savage Love was SUPER fun! In less than a month we came together and put on a show, and rocked it! We practiced and performed in a little art studio in downtown Oakland; super cozy and quaint. The cast only consisted of five {two of whom go to Laney college para me and three i just met} so we were just super cozy period:). Even smaller than our cast are the founding members of the theater company us interns were working with. The company is called Rough and Ready--coming soon to a theater near you-- no seriously, we are definitely going to do something like that again. Within the movement and language we worked with View Points {origins from NYU-my dream school-} which is something i personally have never worked with. It was really interesting, a lot of running and jumping and turns and chaos, but very controlled chaos. Our director, Corinne, was trying to teach us how to respond to our own kinetic senses simultaneously with one another. We did exercises such as sun salutations in unison, rhythm in unison and counting with one another without knowing who would say which number or when. The connection that was built was amazing. We knew so well the energies of each other that it made it a breeze to work with one another during the production. The version of the play that we were working with was a serious of poems that followed one another with some relation. The poems were really relavent to relationship issues like "Acting", "Babble" -ing, and "Killing" {not in the literal sense} but thats all the time i have for today, hope to be read by u again soon:)
Adios, Antonette!!!!

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