Friday, January 18, 2008

Back to Steinbeck

Hey Y'all!
(like the way Britney says it)

So after a long first week of the semester I was fortunate enough to end it with Cal Shakes. Today I got back to the core of my personal internship which is with New Works/New Communities. We're gearing up for a trip to Salinas in order to find some of the historical feel for where The Pastures of Heaven took place. I've always had a fancy for the history of the golden state so doing research on such a beautiful area like the Monterey Bay County has been a really fun adventure for me.

We're going to be meeting with some of the farmers, artists and basic members of the community in order to create a forum where we discuss the origins of the area specifically involving the 1920-1940 era.

In the other shoe, casting is still going on and that's always exciting to hear about. After spending last summer with CalShakes, I've been able to get to know actors and other theatre companies within the bay area. So now it's fun to discuss what's been going on with some of our resident actors at other companies as well as who will be returning this season.

Although this has absolutely nothing to do with Cal Shakes, I happen to be a huge musical theater fan and would just like to say how terribly sad I am that RENT will be closing on Broadway June 1st. *moment of silence*
And moving on....

So this is pretty much it for this week but "stay tuned" for next week because I'll be posting pictures from my experiences as an intern for a few different departments as previously promised!

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