Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello from the costume shop!

Hi, I'm Courtney and I am the Costume Design intern in Cal Shakes' 2009 Professional Immersion Program.

A lot has happened in the first two weeks of starting the program ,and I am finally able to get into the flow of what is going on at Cal Shakes.

As a design intern, I will be doing a lot—going here, there, and everywhere in a couple of weeks' time. I will be shadowing and assisting the Private Lives costume designer in their creative process from concept to reality. I will also be designing the Five-Week Conservatory production, I believe, and that will be loads of fun. I am hoping to update more in the future about all of my experiences, so you can have a better idea of what happens in the costume department.

So far, the ladies in the shop are wonderful and so helpful, allowing myself and Kimberley, the costume shop intern, to become comfortable with where things are. I was also able to attend a tech rehearsal with costumes used for the first time for Romeo and Juliet last Sunday. It was great all this week to see how the shop crew, wardrobe crew, Naomi the shop supervisor, and Raquel, the designer, all work together to solve "blood" challenges with the costumes. It was truly a team effort to make the blood believable, and the shop and crew make it occur effortlessly show after show.

Most recently I helped out with a majority of the other interns for the Opening Night party, which went very well! Lots of cake, champagne, mingling...everyone had a good time during and after the show. As I was passing out champagne, I had many audience members tell me how they loved the show, and offer congratulations to Cal Shakes and their 35th anniversary! Cheers!

I am hoping the week to come has some more great learning here's to a new week!

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