Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Hey guys!
It's been a while! I've been way busy with finals, studying and scholastic things. Oh and the fact that THE SEASON IS HERE!
If you all have a chance, go see Pericles. It's fantastic.
I really like italics.
I'm going to write in them.
Anyways: This is my last post 0n the Cal Shakes intern blog because I am no longer an intern. It's sad and wonderful all at the same time. Kind of like this fantastic movie.
These italics are starting to bug me.
Again, anyways: I'm really excited for this summer. I started my big-person job on Monday as the Artistic Learning 2 Week Camp Coordinator which has been really really fun. There have been moments where I'm working and feeling like I shouldn't be doing what I'm doing on the clock because it's so fun and I end up having to remind myself that I'm doing my job.

I even got my own Cal Shakes email! . Want to see my signature? OKAY:

Derek Smith
Artistic Learning Camp Coordinator
California Shakespeare Theatre
701 Heinz Ave. Berkeley, CA
"Pitch-perfect!" - SF Chronicle
"Breathtaking, completely engaging, and joyously theatrical!" - Contra Costa Times
Shakespeare's PERICLES
adapted & directed by Joel Sass
now - June 22
Call 510.548.9666 or click

Sorry. Next Order of business.

IN THE HEIGHTS is my new favorite musical.

Let's go to...


This is Brian Nash, a musician that I saw perform at The Duplex in Manhattan a year or so ago. He's way funny and does a lot of piano-bar type of shows. Anyways, this is him performing all characters in ONE DAY MORE from Les Mis. Sooooo fantastic.

Make sure to catch me on the main cal shakes blog where I'll be posting about my job in Artistic Learning and then all the usual musical theatre references that I sneak on in!!!

Peace and Love,


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